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Does Viber use a lot of data?
If you often send messages and make calls in Viber in the social transport, parks and cafes, it is worth to know how much traffic does the tool consume. At first, would
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Is Viber free?
Most of the Viber functions are available for free use, and that is not a secret. Why is it so? The marketeers of the Rakuten company, the owner and developer of the
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How to use Viber
Among other VoIP-messengers, Viber distinguishes by a huge variety of free functions, pleasant and user-friendly interface and model of distribution. In this article I
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Viber vs WhatsApp
In the times prior to mobile messengers’ appearance the users have been wasting tons of money on the calls and SMS. Gradually the prices of mobile operators have been
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How to use Viber on iPhone
Viber Is available on the market for about 7 years, and for all this time the product has constantly being developed and improved. Due to the support of multitude of
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How to use Viber on iPad
Viber for iPad is one of the most widely used versions of the app. It allows performing free video and audio calls, sending messages and sharing files with your friends
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How to use Viber on Android
Viber for Android is one of the most popular applications for communication via voice and video calls, texting and sharing photos with your mates and loved ones. The
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Viber vs Skype
On the market of mobile messengers, the level of concurrency is incredibly high. Several companies constantly struggle for the profit on the usage of their products,
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How to use Viber for international calls
One of the primary peculiarities of the Viber messenger is the ability to use Viber internationally for free to make audio- and video-calls. The difference between the
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How to update Viber on iPhone
Viber for iPhone is a number one utility for communication for most iPhone users. The application allows performing free calls (both voice and video), texting, sharing
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