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How to use Viber

How to use Viber
How to use Viber

Among other VoIP-messengers, Viber distinguishes by a huge variety of free functions, pleasant and user-friendly interface and model of distribution. In this article I will tell, how to open Viber account and how to use all the app features in details.

Viber is a unique tool which provides the user the possibilities to chat and make audio-/video-calls locally and overseas absolutely for free. The only condition to use this feature is that Viber should be installed on your subscriber’s device. If the person you are going to connect with have not installed the program, you’ll be able to apply the Viber out function – i.e., to call to the persons without the Viber set up on their gadgets and on the landline phones all over the world for minimal cost. You may get acquainted with the prices on the official page of the project.

How to install the app and open the account?

The tool is primarily working on the mobile phones and tablets. The PC-version is available as well, but it operates only in relation to the mobile Viber-client. Thus, we will explain the registering on the Android phone procedure in short.

Go to the Play Market and search for the Viber page in the store. Install the program as usually – the procedure doesn’t differentiate from installation of any other Android app.

When the program is installed in the beginning of the registration routine the welcome page appears, where you ought to accept a license. There is nothing special in here, so you may skip reading it and move forward by tapping “Continue”.How to use Viber

On the next stage you will have to input your phone number and pick the country code from the list. Try not to enter any incorrect data, otherwise the registration won’t work and you won’t be able to use the application. After entering the info, the verification goes, therefore don’t to try to trick the routine.How to use Viber

Now is the last moment to check the entered data, and before continuing you may correct the possible mistakes in digits.How to use Viber

Soon you will receive an incoming call from automatic account activation system. Accept the call. If you couldn’t do that, you will receive a SMS-message instead. Enter the 6-digit code which is contained into the message, to the proper field, and the activation will be successful.How to use Viber

Now all the preparation phases are completed, and you are free to use Viber on the occasional or daily basis.How to use Viber

How to use Viber?

The whole messenger functionality is focused on distinct tabs. Changing tabs, you may access this or that function, so now I will describe them more precisely.

The first tab is entitled Chats and is designed in order to handle with text chats. When you receive a new message, the notification appears, thus you won’t miss the updates.How to use Viber

When the active chat is opened, you can make a video- or audio-call right from that form, using the top graphical panel. Also, you may send the text messages, stickers or emoticons in order to enrich your user experience. In addition, you may share doodles, pictures or photos, camera shots with the subscriber, as well as exchanging some other data, like location or info about distinct contacts.

A strawberry on the cake is a group and secret chat arrangement, which you may call from the pop up menu after tapping the button with three vertical dots.How to use Viber

On the next tab, called “Contacts” you may look through your contact list and select the person you would like to communicate with.How to use Viber

By picking the appropriate person from the list, you can do the following: make a free call, make a paid call using Viber Out function or send a text message with graphical data addition.How to use Viber

The last tab with the title “Calls” unites all the incoming and outgoing calls performed via the tool. The history is cleaned after reinstalling the app.How to use Viber

On the upper panel you may access the public chats, search function and settings menu. Regarding the public chats, it is a popular function, similar to live feeds. The messages on the feed are visible to the whole network, so you can make a specific board, related to your business project or community, dedicated to the specific area of interest. In the settings you may, as usually, customize the functional and visual part of the program, like setting up the avatar for the account, purchase additional sticker sets from the market, run the QR-code scanner, etc.

It will take you about a minute to learn how to use Viber app, so after trying to tune the application once, you won’t ever want to get rid of it. Due to the considerable functional base and colorful pattern, you won’t feel indifferent to this magnificent tool and won’t manage without its useful stuff.

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