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Viber for iPhone 7
Viber for iPhone 7 is a number one massager that can boast a number of highly wanted features. Now you can send messages, perform voice and video calls, share pictures and photos
Viber for iPhone 6
Viber for iPhone 6 is a newest way of communication via voice and video calls. The program is already been downloaded and used by more than 800 million people, who choose an
Viber for iPhone 5S
Viber for iPhone 5S is a version of the well-known messenger, designed to meet all the requirements of your iPhone 5S. The program is extremely easy to download and install: you
Viber for iPhone 4S
Viber for iPhone 4S is a modern and user-friendly application that enables its users to communicate without any limits. You can make free voice and video calls, send messages,
Viber for iPhone 3GS
Viber for iPhone 3GS offers a unique possibility to contact application’s users anytime and anywhere. More than 754 million people have already started using the program and can
Viber for iPad
Viber for iPad is one of the most popular messengers worldwide. Thousands of users use an app to make free calls and send messages free of charge everywhere and anytime. The
Viber for Android
Viber for Android is an ultimate multiplatform messenger with the implemented functions of VoIP, video calls and business-conference handling with up to 150 participants.
Viber for Windows Phone
Viber for Windows Phone – is a simple-to-use multi-functional VoIP messenger with a variety of functions, features and abilities, designed to facilitate the communication process
Viber for BlackBerry OS
Viber for BlackBerry OS is one of the versions of the world-known application, designed for BlackBerry OS users. The only thing you need to start using the program is an Internet

Viber for mobile phone

Viber for mobile phone is a number one application for those, who want to elevate communication with friends and relatives to the new level. One of the most popular program’s options is an ability to perform both voice and video calls for free. You can also send an unlimited number of messages to Viber users, as well as use specially designed stickers and smiles, send hundreds of photos, share audio files and even set up locations. Download Viber for mobile phone for free to receive an access to all the app’s options in just a few seconds.

The application was developed using modern technologies, so it will definitely suit almost any kind of mobile phone, including smartphones based on different operating systems. Since the program’s software requires minimum memory, you can easily download and install it in a matter of moments.

Viber for mobile phone has a range of excellent advantages:

  • Simple registration: To start using the app, you will need to enter your nickname and phone number that will become your unique user ID. Viber does not demand any names, addresses or any other personal data.
  • Pleasant interface: bright colors and understandable design makes the app absolutely user-friendly
  • Group Chats: The possibility to chat with up to 100 app’s users at once provides communication with no limitations or obstacles
  • Viber Out function: Now you are able to make phone calls to contacts, which are not using an app. Not to mention, the fees are very attractive
  • Hundreds of colorful and animated smiles, GIFs and stickers to boost your online performance
  • Share photos, pictures and audio records of high quality free of charge
  • Play funny and entertaining games with app’s characters
  • Hide chats to duplicate your privacy

Download Viber for phone and exult with plenty of new possibilities of communication with your loved ones!

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